Dear Friends & Customers,

Both Casino Game Protection - A Comprehensive Guide and Poker Protection - Cheating and the World of Poker are officially out print. A last call was given to the top ten retailers for each title and they sold quickly. Books should still be available at your favorite retailer for the next few months, perhaps throughout the year, but the wholesale inventory is gone and there are no plans for second or expanded editions. For those of you who have asked specifically about the expanded poker edition, I may consider offering the research online (see my comments below).

For those of you who have asked about Scamming and Jamming - One Billion Dollars in Gambling Scams, the project continues to make progress, albeit slowly. Although I actually started writing this book before Casino Game Protection, and many chapters are in draft form, its still going to take a full time commitment to complete the work in 2008. We shall see.

For those of you who have asked about the pictorial book/series, the tedious task of photographing my gambling collection has just been completed. Roughly 5000 photographs were taken for a pictorial draft that depicts and describes about 1000 gambling artifacts (playing cards, dice, chips, tables & layouts, games, pocket devices, books, magazines, photos and ephemera). I have already had requests for a copy of this draft, but its not for sale at this time. These photos may end up on the website, the pictorial book/series, or even in an auction catalog. No decisions have been made at this time.

For those of you who have asked about the Gambling Protection Video Series, I have cut a deal with, and transferred the rights to, my friend: Jason England. Jason is one of many people over the years who have asked me to convert the series to DVD, but to be perfectly honest, I have never felt the series warranted a DVD conversion. After 20+ years of sales I wanted to offer something new, so about three years ago I purchased the necessary video equipment and began shooting the raw footage for a new video series, unfortunately my book projects were always getting in the way. I have also given Jason the rights to this footage and I understand he plans to include some of it in the DVD conversion, along with Gambling Invisible Thieves (a television casino cheating expose that never aired and is often mistaken as volume #5 of the series).

Finally, I have considered the prospects of taking on a very serious website project that would create a vehicle for me to offer all of the unpublished information from Casino Game Protection, Poker Protection, and loads of material from my files (30 years of unpublished research). Also included would be an extensive gambling photo collection, extensive surveillance video clip collection (about 1000 hours), gambling sleight of hand video clip collection, marked card collection, the largest virtual gambling museum in the world, and much, much more. In short, I am talking about a one of a kind gambling site! I am looking over a few bids from powerhouse firms capable of handling such a project and all of the envisioned special features. Updates will be posted.

Since the current site is one giant advertisement for my books, and my inventory is gone, this site, including email capability, will be under construction for the next few months. Check back from time to time if you have any interest in updates.

My sincerest thanks goes out to everyone who purchased Casino Game Protection and Poker Protection, and to the many retailers and distributors who carried the titles.


Steve Forte