Gambling Collectibles - A Pictorial Journey



One surprise after another . . . one artifact after another—most I didn’t even know existed.The scope, diversity, and presentation of Steve’s research is simply astounding!

Murray Ehrenberg - Legendary Casino Manager

You can bet your bottom dollar that Gambling Collectibles will fast become a must-have for anyone with even a passing interest in the gambling world.

Bill Malone - Professional Magician

Forte’s new book is unlike any gambling title I have ever read.His perspective is second to none and the depth of his research and pictorial support is amazing.Classic Forte!

Sal Piacente - President/Owner - UniverSal Game Protection

Just another masterpiece . . . extraordinary gambling collection . . . Forte does it again! 

Mike Phillips - Veteran Casino Executive and Consultant

I couldn’t put the book down . . . a bona fide stunner!  Moreover, Steve’s collection of gambling apparatus, ephemera, and knowledge is undoubtedly one of the finest to ever exist.

FJR - Retired Professional Player

Gambling Slight of Hand - Forte Years of Research