Gambling Collectibles Testimonials

Murray Ehrenberg - Legendary Casino Manager
One surprise after another . . . one artifact after another—most I didn’t even know existed.  The scope, diversity, and presentation of Steve’s research is simply astounding!

Bill Malone - Professional Magician 
You can bet your bottom dollar that Gambling Collectibles will fast become a must-have for anyone with even a passing interest in the gambling world. 

Sal Piacente - President/Owner - UniverSal Game Protection 
Forte’s new book is unlike any gambling title I have ever read.  His perspective is second to none and the depth of his research and pictorial support is amazing.  Classic Forte!

The “Mayor” - Professional Magician
A great book not only educates but inspires.  Steve Forte's newest release, “Gambling Collectibles,”  does both, a hundred times over!  You can FEEL his passion and enthusiasm.  As soon as I finished it, I immediately flipped to the front and started over.  Don’t expect a dry list of gambling collectibles, but rather a love story filled with photographs of incredible artifacts accompanied with detailed descriptions, anecdotes, and knowledge that only Steve Forte can deliver. 

FJR - Retired Professional Player
I have read hundreds of highly-technical books on winning strategies during my playing career, but no title has provided more knowledge and awareness of the gambling world than Gambling Collectibles.  I couldn’t put the book down . . . a bona fide stunner!  Moreover, Steve’s collection of gambling apparatus, ephemera, and knowledge is undoubtedly one of the finest to ever exist.

Mike Phillips - Veteran Casino Executive 
I broke in with Steve during the late 1970's and we have been dear friends ever since.  He has always generously shared his knowledge with me, inspiring me in many ways, and in his latest masterpiece, he will inspire you, too. Gambling Collectibles, featuring his extraordinary gambling collection, is destined to become a best seller!