Gambling Collectibles Table of Contents


No Rules
Early Lessons
The Hunt
Final Thoughts



Persian Fortune Telling Dicer
Divining Sticks (Hakata)
Stone & Bronze Astragali
Set of Astragali & Counters
Astragali, Reproductions
Roman Dice (pair)
Roman Dice (singles)
Ancient Long Dice
Long Dice
Ancient Bone Rolling Log

Native American Dice

Mini Collection
Scrimshawed Beaver Teeth

Ivory Dice

Large Ivory Mutual Pool Dice
Large Ivory Dice (gold patina)
Set of Five Ivory Dice
Ivory Dice
Single Ivory Die (multi-colored numerals)
Vegetable Ivory

Bone Dice

Bone Dice (7 dice)
Tribal Shell & Stick Die
Civil War Dice
Glass, Stone, Silver (15 dice)
Wood Dice (7 dice)
Multi-colored Stone Dice (3 dice set)
Celluloid Dice
Pyralin Dice
Hurst Catalin Dice
Dice Sales Card

Novelty Dice

Ball Bearing Dice
Human Dice

Casino Dice

Early 5/8" Nevada Dice
Security Spotting
Hidden Security Logos
Unusual Designs
Silk-screened Spots
Yellow Dice w/ Silk-screened Spots
Blue “X” Spots (silk-screened)
Multi-colored Spots            
Star/Square Spots
Asian Dice Collection)

Rare Casino Dice

Black Cat
Moulin Rouge
Apache Club
Ace Club Logo
Four Queens Logo
Select Strip Las Vegas Dice 
Select Downtown Las Vegas Dice 
Cased Las Vegas Dice Collection
Framed Nevada Display
Stick Collection
Commemorative Dice, Playboy
Commemorative Dice, Halloween
Commemorative Flag Dice (July 4th)

Advertising Dice

Gift Shop Dice

Illegal Club Dice

Illegal Club Collection

Foreign Dice 

Cuban Dice
Select Overseas Dice

Specialty Dice

Poker Dice
Ivory Poker Set
Giant Catalin Poker Dice
Nine Dice Poker Set
8-sided Poker Dice
12-sided Poker Dice
California /Montana Poker Dice
Heads & Tails Dice
Crown & Anchor
Slot Dice
Race Horse Dice
Put & Take
Stock Exchange Dice
Dice Roll Tracker
Dice Roll Tracker #2
Lighted ‘26’ Game Sign
More Games
Game of The Pedlar

Wrappers & Containers 

Wrappers/Boxes Collection  
Scrimshawed Bone Container/Mini-Cup
WWII Bullet Container
Mini Containers
Metal Dice Box
Wooden Dice Box

Casting Devices

Hyronemous Dice Tub
Casino Chuck Cage
Hand Chuck Cage
Mini Chuck Cage
Mini Shakers
Giant Shaker
Metal Bottle Dice Drop
Hadden’s Horn

Dice Horns & Drops

Classic Wooden Horn
Tin Dice Horn
Thin-Body Drop/Horn
Horn/Drop with Internal Steps
Asian Dice Drop
Sultana Dice Drop
Dice Tower
Dice Tower #2
The King’s Dice (print)
Primitive Drop (stones)

Dice Cups & Boxes

Early Leather Cups
More Leather Cups 
Leather Cup, B.  C. Wills
Leather Cup, Mason & Co.                                                                                Ball Bottom Cup
Stork Club Cup & Dice
Dawson’s Whiskey Cup & Dice
Celluloid Dice Cup
Brass Cup & Dice
European Cups & Treen
Large European Wooden Cup
Chinese Porcelain Cup
Hand-carved, Asian, Bone Cups
Casino/Club Protection Cups 
Enclosed Dice Cube
Trip Cups
Transparent Trip Cups   
Leather Cup with Base
Top & Bottom Cups
Collapsible Dice Cup
Collapsible Dice Cup #2
Battery Operated Dice Cup
Cage Cup
A Few Oddities
Excitement Cup/Game
Pennsylvania Pure Rye Novelty

Dice Substitutes

Wooden Push-Bar Dicer
Drop-Down Wheel Dicer
Chuck Logs
Autodicer (two outcomes)
Autodicer #2 (five outcomes)
Table Spinners
African Golf
Bone Dominoes
Mini Dominoes

Dice Equipment

Antique Dice Bowl & Pucks
Loop Sticks
Testing Equipment
Two Dice Spinners & Square
Antique Dial Micrometer, B. C. Wills
Standup Micrometer, Federal Products
Standup Micrometer, Geneva Co.


Paulson Dice Display
T-K Specialty Dice Display
T. R. King and Company Display

Collecting Dice

Square Dice Collection
More Dice Collectibles



Wooden Printing Blocks
Early Printing Plates

Foreign Decks

Asian Decks
Chinese Domino Decks
India, Ganjifa

Early European Cards

Tarot, Grimaud
Tarock, Josef Glanz
England, Thomas Creswick
France, B. P. Grimaud
Monte Carlo
USA / Spanish
USA / Germany
USA / Hungary

Early American

Jazaniah Ford, c1824 (single card)
Thomas Crehore, c1824
George Cook Late with Abbot & Ely, c1845
IL, I. Cohen, c1860
Lawrence & Cohen, c1872
Samuel Hart & Co., c1870
Andrew Dougherty, c1865
NY Consolidated Card Co., c1866
Andrew Dougherty, c1870
Early Joker, c1860
Faro Deck, USPCC, c1887
Pharo Deck, Hart, c1885
Steamboats, Russell & Morgan Co.
Steamboats, National Card Co.

Select Decks with Gilded Edges

Tudor, Andrew Dougherty, c1901
Triton, NY Consolidated Card Co., c1915
Initial, USPCC, c1909

Select American Decks

Playing Card Design

Victor E. Mauger
Jumbo Index
New Index
Union Cards
Long Distance Suits
Green Club
Five and Six Suits
Five Hundred
Symmetrical Suits

Game Decks


United States Playing Card Company 

Tigers 101
Sportsman’s 202
Army 303
Capital 188
Ivory Brand
Commemorative Olympic
USPCC Ephemera
Tiger Lithograph

Bicycle Cards 
Early Bicycle Deck
Ten Select Bicycle Decks
More Select Bicycle Decks
Unusual Snap Cases
Game Decks
Bicycle Singles (w/ guide)
Advertising Decks
Playboy Deck
Bicycle Dispenser

Bee Playing Cards

Back #250, First Ace & Joker
Early Internal Wrapper
Back #32, First Ace & Joker
Back #67, Second Ace & Joker
Back #181 (2 decks)
Back #32, Sealed (2 decks)
Back #122 (2 decks)
Back #35, #126, and #154
Back #182

Bee Game Decks

Euchre (2 decks)
Bridge/Whist (2 decks)
Bee Pinochle (internal cellophane)
Bee Canasta (double-deck box)
Card Box Printing Plate
Bee Ephemera

Kem Playing Cards

Kem Streamline
Cardboard Boxes
Plastic Boxes
Traditional Boxes
Bicentennial Set
Five Suits
Miniature Kems
Mystery Vinyl Deck
Three Casino/Cardroom Setups
Interesting Kem Logo 
New Index (COA, magazine)
Training Cards

Casino / Club Playing Cards

Aladdin, Early Logo
Harold’s Club
Twenty Sealed Las Vegas Decks
Twenty Sealed Northern NY Decks

Casino Backs

White Backs
White Border Backs
Bridge-Sized Casino Cards
Bridge-Sized White Backs w/Borders
Resorts, Atlantic City
Playboy, Atlantic City
Casino Singles Collection
Fun Poker
Safety Peek Cards
Casino Game Decks
Commemorative Deck
Advertising Cards
Club Decks

Novelty Playing Cards

Bark Cards
Apache Playing Cards
Aluminum Playing Cards
Vanity Fair /Transformation
Kinney Transformation 
Transparent Playing Cards
E-Z Playing Cards
New Era Concave Cards
Little Duke 
Fauntleroy & Cadet
Elf & Gem
Circular Playing Cards
Celluloid Playing Cards
Three Souvenir Decks
Secret Weapon
Spotter Deck
Vargas Pin Ups
Easy Bid
Double Action
Split Deck
Pepper Playing Cards
Roulette Cards
Fortune Telling
Domino Cards
Playing Card Dominoes
More Novelty Cards

Playing Card Equipment

Vertical Card Press
Open Card Press
Open Card Press #2
Closed Card Press   
Closed Card Press #2


Camden Playing Card Shuffler


Canasta Shuffler
Luckiest Shuffler
Five More Shufflers
Seven W’s Corp Shuffler
Random Ejection Shuffler

Dealing Devices

Dealing Device
Dealing Device #2
Dealing Device #3
The Square Dealer
Palettes and Dealing Block
Homemade Dealing Shoe
Two Wooden Dealing Shoes
European Dealing Shoe
French Style Dealing Shoe
Classic Sabot
Ornate Wooden Sabot
Early Casino Acrylic Shoe
Two Casino Dealing Shoes
Two Top-Card Protection Shoes
Hand Dealing Shoe
Rummy Trays
Homemade Rummy Tray
Double Dummy
Lone Arm Card Holder
Card Hand Holders

Select Card Cases

Case & Cribbage Board
Metal Card Case
Decorated Wooden Card Case
Modern Burnt Boxes
Cardboard Boxes

More Playing Card Collectibles

Game Counters  



Early Counters Collection
Metal Chip Collection
Ivory Chip Collection
$100 Ivory Chip
El Dorado Ivory Chips
Four Ivory Sets (3 chips each)
Twenty-five Ivory Chips
Four Racks Imitation Ivory Chips 
Mother of Pearl Collection
Bone Chip Collection
Royal Poker Set
Early Chip Boxes
USPCC Chip Box
Wood Chips
Chips - Different Materials
Plastic Chips
US Anchor
Engraved Chips
Embossed Chips
Framed Litho Inlaid Chips
Litho Inlaid Chips
Chip Stamps
Paste-on Chips
Select Crest & Seal Chips 
Casino Crest & Seal Chips
Harris & Co. /Monarch Mold 
Hub Mold
Todd Chips
‘C’ Mold Chips
Cord Mold
Large Crown Mold
Making Casino Chips  

Casino Chips

Composition to Casino Chip
El Rancho Vegas (brass inlay)
El Rancho Vegas (hub mold)
El Rancho Vegas (survived the fire)
Flamingo (early ‘Bugsy’ chip)
Hotel Last Frontier  
Dunes Set
Desert Inn Set   
Sands Set  
Casino Mini Collection
Harrah’s 10 Cent Chips
Holiday International Chips
Harrah's Brass Core Chips        
Thunderbird $100 Chips
$100 Nevada Chips
$500 Nevada Chips  
$1000 Nevada Chips
Premier Casino Chips
World’s Largest Collection (800,000+ chips)  Faro Chips
Roulette Chips  
Horse Racing  
Sands Race/Sports  
Little Caesar’s Sports Book  
Frontier Race/Sports
Poker & Pan  
Framed $5 Display
Sinatra Chip Proof  
Kenny Rogers Chip Proof

Famous Chips

Joe W. Brown
Illegal Club Chips 
Gambling Ships
Agua Caliente  
Havana Riviera
Casino Nacional 
Cuba - Union Club  
Monte Carlo
Sun City  

Jetons & Plaques

Sahara Plaque Set  
Monte Carlo Plaque Set
Monte Carlo Plaque
Monte Carlo Plaque #2  
Kursaal Plaque
Dinant Plaque Set
Tarabin Plaque Set
Carribean Plaque Set  
Foreign Chips/Jetons Collection 

Novelty Chips

Unusual Chips Collection
Advertising Chips  
Rubber Chips
Cartoon Chips
Square Poker Chips 
Mirage NCV $25,000 chip

Odds and Ends

Collection of Markers, Lammers, etc.


1965 Copper Tokens  
1965 Silvereen Sahara Token
Select 1966 Tokens
1967 Token Book
Riviera Color Token
Brothel Lot
Select Tokens 

Racks, Caddies & Chip Sets

Older Style Poker Rack
Antique Locking Chip Racks
Laydown Rack
Standup Racks
Flat Racks
Chip Rack Carrier  
4-Tube Caddy
4-Tube Caddy #2
Dice Motif Racks
Hammered Copper Caddy
Mini Pop out Caddy, Chips & Cards 
Caddy w/ Engraved Owl & Moon Chip Set
Classic Caddy w/ Litho Inlaid Chips
Novel Plastic Caddy
European Flat Caddy
Upright Caddy & Chip Set
Combination Card Press & Bone Chip Set
Fold-out Poker Caddy
Carrying Case w/ Chip & Cards
Washer Chip Set
Catalin Chip Set  
Bone Set
Mother of Pearl Set w/ Buck
Ivory Chip Set 



Grand Hazard
Craps - One Man Tub  
Craps - Full Size  
Roulette - Oil Cloth, Drop-in Wheel
Blackjack w/Chips, Tokens, etc.
Traveling Poker Table

Framed Layouts

Game of Diana  
Chuck a Luck w/ Field Bet
Crown & Anchor
Full-Sized Craps
Throw-down Philadelphia Layout  
Harold’s Club Single Zero Roulette
Card Roulette  
Mini Roulette
Red Dragon


Double Ended Craps  
Double End Craps #2
Craps (yellow borders)  
Philadelphia Layout  
One-Man Tub
One-Man Tub #2
One-Man Tub #3 (red and yellow)
One-Man Tub #4 (one-way design)
One-Man Tub #5 (four-color layout)
One-way Craps Throw-down
Props Throw-down
Grand Hazard
Grand Hazard #2  
3-4-5 Layout  
Enamled Chuck-a-Luck Layouts
Harold’s Club Chuck-a-Luck
Mini Chuck
Mini Chuck #2
Beat My Shake
BJ Layout (Mason & Co.)   
BJ Layout (Taylor & Co.)
Proposition BJ Layout  
Layout Proofs   
Bing / Bingo  
Kitty Layout
Poker Dice
Mini Layouts
Table Cover with Suits
Pai Gow Poker / Baccarat
Blackjack Double Exposure
MGM - The Mansion

Game Boards

Galloping Dominos
Craps Push-Bar Game
Jumbo Sweepstakes  

Dice Mats

Horseshoe Shaped Mat  
3-11 Mat  
Bing Mat

Cash Boxes

Cash Box
Cash Box #2
Cash Box with Flat Rack
Cash Boxes with Standup Rack


Keno / Bingo

Chinese Keno Cage  
Keno Goose
Giant Keno Goose
Keno Boards
Race Horse Keno Tickets
Wooden Bingo Boards
Early Bingo Drum  

Faro & More

Faro Spread  
Will & Finck Casekeeper
Faro Box and Leather Case
Faro Box with Index Cutout
Box of Coppers
Marker Set & Rack
Cue Cards
Double Deck Dealing Box  
Spanish Monte Dealing Boxes 
Novelty Dealing Boxes


Eagle Roulette Wheel
Will & Finck Ornate Roulette Wheel
Traveling Wheel  
Large Wheel, Small Rotor
Covered Mini Roulette
Two Mini Roulette Wheels  
Cased Roulette Game
Roulette Pay Chart (Taylor)
Roulette Pay Chart (Mason)
Roulette Paycard, Venezuela


First Game Brochure, Sands   


Early Paddle Wheel
Mills Paddle Roulette
Ticket/Paddle Wheel
Carnival Wheel
Evans Horse Race Wheel
Reversible Bookmaker’s Wheel
Mini Dice Wheel  
Chicago Roulette
Traveling Homemade Roulette
All In One Game


Who Is Shy Buck
Goat Buck
Ivory Buck

Asian Games

Pai Gow Set
Mini Pai Gow Tiles  
Pai Gow in Las Vegas (brochure)
Fan Tan
Chinese Drawings

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Computer

Game Sets

Games Set (cards, dice, chips)
Games Set (w/ chess and checkers)
Games Set (w/ chuck, roulette, etc.)

Pocket Games

Horse Racing Tops
Tops Collection
Large Bone Top  
Two-Color Dual Top
Bakelite Put & Take Top
Wooden Tops  
Multi-game Top
Poker Top  
Multi-game Spinner
Pocket Roulette, Little Monte Carlo
Pocket Roulette, Monaco Roulette
Pocket Roulette, Nameless
Monte Carlo (no spinner)  
Two Pocket Dicers
More Pocket Games
Paper Games

Lottery, Punch Boards & More

Lottery Collection  
Lottery Broadsides  

Punchboards & More

Foldout Punch Board
Mystery McCoy Punch Board  
Gold Cup Punch Board  
Joker Punch Board  
Black Cat Punch Board  
Mini Punch Boards
26 Girl Punch Board  
Sneak Board #1 (book)
Sneak Board #2 (cigar box)
Standup Pull Tabs  
Framed Craps Push Board  
Hitler Push Card
Select Games  


Early Dicer
European Dicer
Automatic Dicer (homemade)
Three-Dice Spinner
King Six Jr.
36 Game  
Dice Tubes Counter Game  
Joker Dice Machine
Mills Vest Pocket  
Reel Dice
Baby Jack  
Chicago Club House  
Fairest Wheel


Vintage Supply Catalogs

Mason & Company (Newark, NJ)
H. C.  Evans & Company (Chicago, IL)
B. C. Wills & Company (Detroit MI)
Taylor & Company (Chicago, IL)
M. O’Neil & Company (Chicago, IL)
Arthur Popper (New York, NY)
Gem Novelty / Portland Card Co.
Portland Card Company
A. G. Gould
More Select Catalogs

Dice Layouts

Mason & Co.
Arthur Gamblin Co. (Kansas City, MO)

Modern Casino Equipment Catalogs

Paulson Dice & Cards
Bud Jones
John Huxley

Vintage Catalogs, Trade Stimulators,
Punch Boards, and Pull Tabs

Mills Novelty Co.
Champion (Chicago, IL)
World Press Inc.
Sales Boards (Hamilton Mfg., MN)


Cheating - Marked Cards

Marked Cards Collection
Early Stamped Deck
Deland’s Marked Decks
Modern Stamped Deck
Marked Card Keys
Marked Cards Records, T. R. King
Marked Cards Records, Hunt & Co.
Marked Card Equipment
Air Brush System
Daub Collection
Luminous Readers Collection
Blue Tinted Spectacles
Antique Spring Punch
Three Finger Punches
Cutter, Will & Finck
Rounder, Mason & Company
Modern Trimmer


Stack-of-Chips Shiner
Natural Shiners
Ring Shiner
‘Playing the Light’ Collection
Magic Shiners
Casino Shiners

Gaffed Dealing Shoes & Boxes

Back-Peek Shoe
Classic Two-Shoe
Convertible Two-Shoes
Baccarat Peek Shoe
Skeleton Box
Needle Tell Box

Holdout Devices

CM Bug
Pseudo Bugs
Bean Shooter
Slick Sleeve
Short Sleeve
Shirt/Vest Holdout
Modern Jacob’s Ladder
Combination Jacobs Ladder Holdouts
Pulley System Holdout
Kepplinger Holdout (knee-spread)
Antique Kepplinger (toe-spread)
Wallet Holdout
Cold Deck Machine (bridge-sized cards) Cold Deck Machine (leather bag)
Deck Holders/Clips
Holdout Table (top load)
Holdout Table #2 (side load)

Cheating - Dice

Crooked Dice

Red Rooster
Crooked Casino Dice Collection
Crooked Drugstore Dice Collection
Mini Collection Gaffed Dice 
Exposé Collection
Set of Weighted Dice
Big-spade Tops
Sure Shot
Magnetic/Electric Dice
Antique Mag Dice
Juice Hand Dice Spinners
Juice Chuck Cage
Juice Dice Drop  
Modern Juice Joint
Juice Cube Game
Wall Joint
Electronic Dice System

Gaffed Dice Cups

Butterfly Cups (with ‘front’)
Whip Cups
Chinese Dice Cups

Crooked Dice Equipment

Dice Holders/Clips
Dice Chip Shells
Dice Switching Stick
Select Casino Stamps
Portable Hot Stamp Machine  
Hot Stamp Machine    
Dice Jigs
Dice Tools
Wooden Bevel Blocks
Dice Shaver
Bump Board


Gaffed Dice Display
Make Your Own Gaffed Dice

Cheating - Wheels, Tops, Slots, Cons, Carnivals & More

Evans Covered Wheel
Evans Pocket Wheel
Bone Top
Black ‘push-through’ Top
Celluloid Tops
Two Sets of Gaffed Tops (push-throughs)
Gaffed Logs
Rolling Pencils
Slot Bugs
Slug Collection
Magnetic Roulette Ball
Pin Mechanism
Mechanical Card Counters 
Gaffed Bingo Card
Chip Cups
Double-sided Chip
Two Up

Carnivals & Fairs

Drop Down, Shimmy Pins
Drop Down, Honest John
Camel Back Arrow
Three Arrow Mexican Spindle
Chicago Set Spindle
Bee Hive    
Baltimore Razzle
Scissors Bucket
Block/Ring Game
Three Shell Game  
Cover the Spot
Milk Bottle Game
Con Games


Instructions for #185 Cue Prompter
Early Thumper System
Watch Receivers
Las Vegas Hat Receiver
Transceiver System
Early TGT Card Counting Computer   
David (perfect-strategy)
NO RND (shuffle-tracking computer)
CC (sequence-tracking computer)
Dead Lock (cold deck/slug computer)
Early Camera System


Only the pictorialized titles are included in the following pages; hundreds of other books are  listed without cover photographs.  The goal was to present many of the essential titles for anyone interested in a specific title or looking to expand their current library.      


Blackjack Pete, Collier’s Magazine
Playing Blackjack to Win, Baldwin et al,
Beat the Dealer, Thorp
Beat the Dealer, Thorp
Beat the Dealer Record
Professor Breaks Bank, Life Magazine
Newspaper, Casinos Change Rules
Newspapers, Challenges to Thorp
System Smitty Notes
Casino Holiday, Noir
Scientific Blackjack, Collver
Inside Nevada Gambling, Fraikin
How to Win at Blackjack, Einstein
Blackjack and How to Win the Las Vegas Way (Dana)
Playing Blackjack As A Business, Revere
Playing Blackjack As A Business, 1977
Revere’s Advanced Point Count
Professional Blackjack, Wong
Professional Blackjack, Wong, 1980
Winning Without Counting, Wong
Winning Without Counting, 1980
Stanford Wong’s Blackjack Newsletters
The Theory of Blackjack, Griffin
Blackjack Confidential Magazine
The Big Player, Uston
One Third of a Shoe, Uston
Million Dollar Blackjack, Uston
Ken Uston on Blackjack
Hidden Computers, Sports Illustrated
Boardwalker International Magazine
Uston Software & Video
Blackjack for Profit, Snyder
The Blackjack Formula, Snyder
Blackbelt in Blackjack, Snyder
The Blackjack Forum (complete set)
Blackjack Gold, Humble
Blackjack Super Gold, Humble
Turning the Tables on Las Vegas, Anderson
Winning Blackjack, Roberts
Win At Weekend Blackjack, Roberts
How to Play Winning Blackjack, Braun
Read the Dealer, Forte
The Card Counter’s Guide to Casino Surveillance, Cellini
The Original Black Wheel
The World’s Greatest Blackjack Calculator
Blackjack Course, Ortiz
Blackjack Home Study Manual, Davis
Secrets of Blackjack, Grossman
Blackjack Software Collection
Blackjack Magazine Collection
The Hot Show, DVD, Layton
Forte Scrapbooks

Dice Games

Dice and Dominoes
The Palingenesis of Craps
Winning Systems on Craps
Scientific Success on Dice
The Art, Science and Philosophy of Playing Craps  
Craps - How to Play to Win
Win at Craps


Ten Days at Monte Carlo at the Banker’s Expense
Monte Carlo - Facts and Fallacies
Monte Carlo - Anecdotes and Systems
Revelations of Monte Carlo Roulette
The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trente-et-quarante
Confessions of a Croupier
How to Win at Roulette
Your Chances at Roulette and Other Games
How to Win
How to Win at Roulette
The Romeo Project 


Banker’s Strategy at Baccara 


The Game of Draw Poker Mathematically Illustrated, Winterblossom
Complete Poker Player, Blackbridge (hb)
Complete Poker Player, Blackbridge (sc)
A Treatise on Jack Pot Poker, Abbott    
The Game of Draw Poker, Keller
Handbook of Poker, Florence
It’s All in the Draw, USPCC
Practical Guide Book to the National Game of Draw Poker, Author Unknown
The Science of Draw Poker, Curtis
The Poker Manual, Templar
How to Beat the Game, Brown
Practical Poker, Foster  
Stand Pat, Curtis
Poker Smoke and Other Things, Rhoades
How to Win at Draw Poker, Smith
The Poker Primer, Wehman Bros
Poker, its Laws and Principles, Crofton
Language/Etticket of Poker, Zimmerman
Webster’s Poker Book, Webster
Stud Poker Blue Book, Fisher  
Oswald Jacoby on Poker
New Revised Edition, Jacoby
Winning at Poker, Jacoby  
Confessions of a Poker Player, King
Under the Round Table, King
Play Winning Poker, King
Poker, Blair
How to Win at Draw Poker, Wehman
How To Win - Stud Poker, Wickstead
Poker Alice, Mumey
The Great American Pastime, Dowling
Raw, Rowdy World of Poker, Dowling     
Poker - A Guaranteed Income for Life, Wallace
Poker Odds, Wallace
An Obituary for the Professional Poker Player, Wallace
Poker Answers, Wallace
Hold’ em Poker, Sklansky
Sklansky on Poker Theory
Play Poker, Quit Work, and Sleep Till Noon,  Fox
How To Hustle Home Poker, Fox
How I Won Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker,
Super System, Brunson
Poker Faces, Hayano
Poker Kings, Smith
Mike Caro’s Book of Tells

Poker Magazines

Poker Chips, 1896
Poker Player Magazine   
Card Player Magazine (1st issue)

Asian Games

Games of the Orient, Culin

Slot Machines

How to Beat the Slot Machines, Moseley

Horse Racing

Race Course Swindles, Fane
Sharps, Flats, Gamblers and Racehorses, Luckman

Casino Guides, 1940s

If You Must Gamble, Lenihan
Can You Win?, Friend
You Can’t Win, Blanche
World’s Smallest Gambling Guide, Brown

Edmond Hoyle

Hoyle’s Games (1770, 15th edition)
Hoyle - Anners’ Edition
Hoyle’s Games Modernized
The American Hoyle

Card Games

The American Card Player
Bohn’s New Hand-book of Games
Cohen’s Complete Guide to Gin Rummy
Gin Rummy - A Predator’s Guide
The Game of Euchre
Bezique and Cribbage


The Illustrated Book of Patience Games
Dick’s Games of Patience
Patience Games

Games - General

Games of the World
The Book of Games
The World of Games 


Curiosities of the Lottery
Tickets to Fortune

Gambling History

Acts and Laws from the 1700s-1800s
Poker Law
Games, Gamesters, Rogues, Vagabonds
The Gaming Table
The Gambling World
Light Come Light Go
Sucker’s Progress


Murder of Weare

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Green Felt Jungle
The Great Las Vegas Fraud

Luck, Jokes, Memory, Taxes & More

Card Memory


Bet a Million
The Big Bankroll
American Success Story - KERKORIAN
Every Light Was On
William Fisk - The Life and Times of a Gambling Magnate
A Family Affair
I Want To Quit Winners

Gambling Mathematics

Cardano the Gambling Scholar
Liber De Ludo (reprint)
Doctrine of Chances
Chance and Luck
Percentage Brochures
K.C. Card Co. Dice Percentages

Gambling Magazines

Secrets of Gambling
Gambling Illustrated (all known issues)
Rouge et Noir
1970s Gambling Magazines
Gambling Times (complete set)
Gambler’s Monthly
Chip Forum/Gaming Times (complete set) Win Magazine
Casino & Sports (complete set)
General Magazines


Facts and Speculations on Playing Cards
History of Playing Cards with Anecdotes
The Devil’s Picture Books
The Playing Card
The Cary Collection
Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards Hochman Encyclopedia
Playing Card Newsletters & Articles
Magazines for Collectors
Look at Your Cards (video)
Slot Machines
For Amusement Only
Vintage Trade Stimulators/Counter Games

The Old West

Old West Antiques & Collectibles
California’s Best
Cowboy Culture

Gambling Auction Catalogs


Exposure of the Arts and Miseries, Green
Gamblers’ Tricks with Cards
The Gambler’s Life
How Gamblers Win
Wanderings of a Vagabond     
Frauds Exposed
The Converted Gambler
Forty Years on the Mississippi
Traps for the Young
Fools of Fortune
Sharps and Flats
Card Sharpers (hard bound and soft covers)
The Expert at the Card Table
The Devil and the Grafter
Card Sharpers - Tricks Exposed
Kid Canfield
Easy Money
Gambling and Gambling Devices
Why Gamblers Win
Tricks and Traps
Destruction of Mephisto’s Greatest Web
Gambling Exposed
The Cheater Unmasked
How Tis Done
The Game of Craps Exposed
Keys to Crookdom
Monte Carlo
The Open Book
Cheating at Bridge
Spotlight on the Cardsharp
Suckers All!
Stacked Cards
Beat the Cheat
The High Art of Gambling
How It’s Done, Litzau (hb) 
How It’s Done, A. E. Wilson (sc)                                                                        Play Sucker and Pray
Crime Is a Business
Don’t Be a Sucker
Gamblers Don’t Gamble
Danger in the Cards
Cheating Cheaters   
Bunco Book
How You Are Cheated at Dice
Wheels of Fortune
Wolves, Widows and Orphans
Exclusive Expose of Marked Cards
Marked Cards
Radner on Dice
How to Spot Card Sharps
How to Play Poker and Win
Radner on Roulette and other Casino Games
Radner on Bridge
Radner on Canasta
Dice: the Soul of Honesty
Phantom of the Card Table (manuscript)
Phantom ... (GBC, 1969)
Phantom ... (GBC, 1970)
Phantom (signed card)
Scarne’s Encyclopedia of Games
Scarne on Dice (1952, 1974)
Complete Guide to Gambling
Scarne’s Guide to Modern Poker
Scarne’s Encyclopedia of Card Games
Women’s Guide to Gambling
Scarne on Cards
Amazing World of John Scarne
The Odds Against Me
Why You Can’t Win At Three Card Monte
Scarne Newsletters (all 13 issues)
Scarne Photos and Movies
Scarne Games & More

Law Enforcement Sources

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Gambling Manual

Paul Spencer

Dice: Squares Tops and Shapes
Resorts International Dice Exposé
Marked Cards

Casino Manuals

Crown Casino, Australia

More Cheating Titles

Blackjack Exposed
Neocheating (w/ mailer)
Loaded Dice (w/ manuscript)
GBC brochure and booklets

Newspapers & Magazines

State War on Cheating
Two Chip Cup Headlines 
Four 1960s Las Vegas Headlines
Easy Money
Article on Cheating
Scientific American
Life Magazine
Yank Magazine  
Audrey Walsh (color)  
Popular Science
Select Magazines      
Spy Magazine (Patti Lane)
Penthouse (Australia)
Cheating Scrapbook
Crooked Gambling Supply Houses

Three Early Reprints
Suydam Advertising Card
Kernan MFG. Co.
Kernan Mfg. (G. Henry)
Kernan Mfg. Order Sheets
G. L. Lee & Co.
K. C. & Mason Blue Book, 1927
K. C. & Mason Blue Book, 1930
K. C. & Mason Blue Book, 1932
K. C. Card Co. (white cover), 1937
K. C. Card Co. (pocket size), 1938
Five Select Blue Books (1957-1961)     
H. C. Evans Catalogs
Park & Carnival Equipment
Secret Blue Book
Universal Card Co.
T. R. King & Co.
T. R. King Catalogs (pocket-sized)
Hunt & Co. Catalogs
Eight Select Catalogs

Supply House Correspondence


Casino Sources

Cheater Activity Flyers
Casino Crime Digest


Artanis - The Bottom Deal
Marked Kem Cards 
RCMP Photo Collection
Gaffs Photo Collection
Electronics Photo Collection
Bud Jones Collection
Polaroid Radiographs of Gaffed Dice
Videos & DVDS (600+ hours of footage)
Keller Scrapbooks
Forte Scrapbooks


Cons, Graft, Fraud, Carnivals & More

The Spider and the Fly
How Tis Done
Twenty Years of Hus’ling
Warnings Against Fraud
The World of Graft
Grafters I Have Met
The Gentle Grafter
Fads, Fakes, Freaks, Frauds and Fools
The Reign of Soapy Smith
Soapy Smith, King of the Frontier Con Men  
Yellow Kid Weil
The Big Con
The American Confidence Man
The Old Army Game
I’ll Bet You
The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson



The Poker Game
Playing Cards on Silk
Black Jack & The Slightest of Hands 
Cyrus Noble, Bucking the Tiger 
Cyrus Noble, Double O
The Card Players


Leroy Neiman
Marked Cards Cartoon


Two Movie Lobby Cards
Playing Cards (USPPC)


Downtown Las Vegas 
Merchant Hotel
Downtown Las Vegas Photographs
Las Vegas Print Collection     
Nevada Closes Down
Las Vegas News Bureau
Dice Making Photographs
Mason & Company
More Select Photographs


Four Real-Photo Postcards
Wooden Postcards
Select Linen Postcards
Two Standout Casino Postcards
Three Poker Postcards  
Dice Games
Card Games
Sahara Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Monte Carlo
The Cardsharper

Early Las Vegas / Early Games

Northern Club
El Rancho Vegas
Dunes Hotel & Casino
Sands Hotel & Casino
Early Las Vegas Advertisement
Early Las Vegas Casino/Hotel Brochures
Las Vegas Brochures, 1950s
Early Gaming Guides


Hoover Dam
Nick the Greek

Dealer Attire

Aprons & Ties
Dealers’ Visors
Metal Visor w/ Air Blower


Card Sharks
W. C. Fields
Ace High
Playing Card Art
Casino Whiskey Decanters
Caesar’s Showgirl Decanter
Craps Players Sculpture
Framed Jigsaw Puzzles
Rubik’s Cube (dice motif)
Gold Horseshoe Lucky Charm
Casino Lucky Charm